About Chief Instructor Sean Kirby

In 1979, after seeing some students practice at the YMCA in York, PA, Sean Kirbyís interest in karate was sparked. At only 6 years old, locating a karate school that would train a boy of his age was an uncommon practice and difficult to find.

Later that year, after much searching, the parents of Sean found the place that he would begin his karate training. Under the instruction of Grandmaster Chong Su Kim, Sean joined a small kidís class at Kimís Karate.

Over the next 4 years, Sean competed in many events and gave numerous demonstrations eventually earning his black belt in 1983 at the age of 10. He was Grandmaster Chong Su Kimís first Child (Junior) Black Belt.

Soon after, Sean moved to New Jersey where he trained under Master Ki Chung Kim. There he trained beside Olympic Medalist Herb Perez and Mark Williams. Sean continued to compete and won numerous trophies along the way.

Sean then moved back to PA and resumed training under Grandmaster Chong Su Kim. Throughout the late 80ís and early 90ís Sean took time off from karate to concentrate on his high school education and the start of his undergraduate studies at Penn State University.

From 1993 - 1997 Sean continued to train under Grandmaster Chong Su Kim. In 1997, while at State College, PA Sean trained under Master Don Remick, now of Remickís Karate in Marietta, Georgia. Upon graduating Sean came back to York, where he continues his training under Grandmaster Kim.

Over the course of thirty years, Sean has worked with determination and passion to fulfill his dream of always having karate in his life. As the owner and teacher at Kimís Karate West, Sean is hopeful of what the next 30 years will bring.

Other achievements:
  • 2010 Keystone State Championship Sr. Forms Grand Champion
  • 2009 Garden State Championship Forms Grand Champion
  • 2009 Keystone State Championship Sr. Forms Grand Champion
  • Many other tournament victories
  • Former Member of the Kimís Karate Demo Team
  • Participated in the 5K river run in Wrightsville, PA to help raise money
  • Organized and participated in the 1st annual BlazeNet Bicycle Ride to raise money for the United Way
  • Took part in Black Friday Flag Football to raise money for numerous charities in York
  • Member of the 2005 Class of Leadership York
  • Proud Husband and Father of 2